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Early learners engaging in STEM

Academic Excellence

Access to comprehensive curriculum that assures Edina students are ready for the challenges and opportunities that await them

A young student smiling class

Engaging Community

Opportunities and communication build strong partnerships throughout the community in support of Edina students

Young learners posing for a photo.

Developing Leaders

Edina school leaders are students, parents and employees who are committed to innovation and continuous improvement

A family photo before the first day of school

Positive Learning Environment

Whole student support means students feel safe physically and emotionally so they can grow academically, personally and socially

A group of kids together at the ELC

Equitable, Inclusive Culture

We welcome, respect, support and value everyone, and the perspectives and contributions they bring to the school community

About the ELC

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Registration Catalog.

The ELC offers a variety of classes for our youngest learners and parents.


Preschool Screening

Magnifying Glass

Check in on your child's health and development and connect with appropriate resources.


Parent Education

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The goal of Parent Education is to enhance the ability of all parents and caregivers to provide the best environment for their child's learning and growth.


Future Ready Competencies

Responsible, Engaged Citizen

Preschool boy classroom

High level of integrity and ethical action; Works for the good of community; Empathetic, compassionate, and open-minded; Accepts responsibility for self 

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Effective Communicator and Collaborator

dad playing with child

Effective listener, speaker and writer; Strong social and interpersonal skills; Works as a leader and contributor in academic and social settings

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Globally Competent Individual

Boy preschool

Possesses a diverse and informed world perspective; Effectively communicates in at least two world languages; Embraces individual and cultural diversity, and seeks multicultural interactions

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Innovative Thinker and Creator

kids playing

Proficient in multiple literacies; Thinks and produces creatively; Applies original solutions to problems or challenges; Analyzes and evaluates information sources

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Motivated Life-long Learner

girl coloring

Understands needs as a learner; Persists when faced with adversity; Sets personal learning goals; Values continuous learning and seeks opportunities for growth

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Well-rounded Person

girls dancing

Maintains a healthy, balanced lifestyle through informed decisions; Adapts to new and challenging situations; Commits to physical, social, and emotional well-being

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Defining Excellence

Edina Public Schools routinely receives accolades and awards for its programming.

Niche Award
Music Education
Common Sense
French Education
Special Olympics